• Rig Systems Training

    Rig Systems training offers a wide variety of courses and services to help you get the best, and safest, performance from your equipment. We have classes covering all types of rig floor equipment scheduled conveniently throughout the year. We are also capable of working directly with our customers to tailor custom training packages specific to your equipment and needs. We can provide consultants to visit your rig, observe operations, and make recommendations.

    We believe adults learn best from active, hands on learning with real life scenarios to bring meaning and connection to their work. Our customers interact directly with the curriculum through the use of simulators, specialized trainers, labs, and practical exercises. This allows them to learn the information and skills required in a safe, controlled environment but still be able to apply what they’ve learned to the equipment in the field.

    We offer training in locations and venues around the globe to help you get the most from your NOV products and services. View All NOV Rig Systems Training Locations.

    Course Catalogs

    Training Offerings

    Product Line Training

    Each Product Line Course is a standard course that covers the most common versions of equipment and systems on a rig or vessel. Courses are offered in Operators, Mechanical, or Electrical disciplines depending on the equipment. An open enrollment schedule of product line courses is available in our Global Course Catalog, these courses are open to all and may include participants from various customers or rigs. Customers may request additional offerings with a minimum of 6 student participants.

    Rig Specific Training

    Rig specific courses cover the specific equipment and systems on a particular rig or vessel. They are specifically prepared and designed for the actual equipment and control system the customer has purchased. The majority of courses are either: Hydraulic/Mechanical courses, Operator Courses or Electro Technical Maintenance Courses. Training schedules can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. A customer may request a complete, tailor-made training package on several types of equipment and/ or systems and the courses will be presented consecutively, which reduces travel costs and time away from work.

    Advanced Simulation Technology

    NOV’s customers have the opportunity to request and purchase rig specific simulator software to be developed and installed in one of NOV’s advanced drilling simulators. The realistic training environment can be set up to replicate the customer’s rig. From the driller’s chair, learners practice how to operate the various types of onboard drilling equipment. In order to further enhance learner’s level of theoretical knowledge and transfer this knowledge into practical skills. NOV’s advanced simulation technology provides 3d visualization of various drill floor and/or seabed operations. Expert instructors are able to demonstrate scenarios that are rarely possible to test in a real world environment. This allows students to work through these scenarios and solve problems that may occur on a rig during operations in a safe and controlled environment.

    NOV opened our first Offshore Crane Simulator center in Molde, Norway in 2015. The modern simulator atrium houses a 6.5 meter dome combined with our newest full-scale offshore crane cabin. The simulator is fully equipped as a standard crane cabin with all features included. It is also equipped with a full crane PLC and software, conducting all the functions of an actual crane, as well as all crane specific functions on the Crane Control Display. Read more about the Simulator center here

    Rig Consultants

    Our Rig Consultants have experience on offshore drilling installations, including Jackup style rigs, Semisubmersible D.P. Floating Platforms, Drill Ships, and various types of Land Drilling Rigs. The Consultants will deliver on site, one on one assessment of the safe and efficient operation of various NOV products. They will supervise and guide operators and maintenance personnel to help them gain the skills necessary to operate and maintain NOV equipment. In order to maintain worldwide availability, the Rig Consultants are current on all required safety and regional rig access training. Rig consultants work directly with the rig crew and provide daily reports on items covered, assessments on their progress, and recommendations for improving the safety and efficiency of equipment operations.

    Competency Services and Solutions

    A high demand is being placed upon every area of the industry to ensure the competence of personnel and safety critical aspects of their roles. NOV provides OEM training for all operations and maintenance personnel that can cover the relevant specific requirements set by the industry. NOV has developed a robust competency management system to build a competent and safe workforce now and tomorrow. Read more here.

    Offshore/Onsite Classroom Instruction

    Our training courses can be offered on-site at customer facilities and rig locations. Instructors can monitor, train, and guide operators and maintenance personnel to help them gain the skills necessary to operate and maintain NOV equipment. Refresher training for existing rig crews is also available; this can help to improve safety and efficiency of rig operations.

    Mobile Training Facility

    NOV’s mobile classroom can comfortably accommodate up to 10 students for training at your site. This climate-controlled facility is equipped with all the features you would expect to find in a traditional classroom. It provides a quiet environment on site for delivering theoretical concepts which are followed by hands-on sessions using your equipment.