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Power Sections
Power Sections
Downhole Motors

Power Sections are available for a wide range of drilling applications.

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Power Sections are an integral part of the downhole motor.  The Power Section is a positive displacement motor (PDM) designed to convert mud flow and pressure into rotational speed and output torque. Power Sections are designed to rotate at high or slow speeds and generate high or low torque output. Power Sections are defined by the outer tube diameter, rotor/stator lobe configuration and number of stages.

  • The outer tube diameter defines the allowable flow ranges through the Power Section
  • The lobe is the curved spiral shape formed by the difference in the major and minor diameters
    • The stator will always have one more lobe than the rotor
    • The rotor/stator lobe configuration typically defines the output speed of the Power Section
  • A stage is the axial distance for two points in the same parallel plane, commonly known as the lead of the stator
    • The number of stages defines the allowable differential pressure applied across the Power Section


  • Product offering from 1.11/16” to 11.1/4” OD Power Sections
  • Standard NBR, HNBR, PowerPLUS, and PowerPLUS OB elastomers available for all configurations
  • 4140 high impact stator tube and SS 17-4 P.H. rotor materials used
  • Conventional Power Sections and even wall stators available



  • Wide selection of tube diameters and lobe / stage configurations to meet all application needs
  • 3 Global manufacturing facilities for new and relined products
  • NOV worldwide distribution centers for product support