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Drilling Tools

National Oilwell Varco designs and manufactures quality drilling tools for all well applications, including Drilling Jars, Shock Tools, Stabilizers, and more.

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Multiple Opening Circulation Sub
 The NOV Downhole Multiple Opening Circulation Sub (MOCS Tool) is a new circulation sub that allows unlimited cycling between porting to the annulus (at the tool) and flowing to the bit. This new drop ball activated circulation sub has been proven to add value in a variety of applications over a wide range of conditions while reducing non-productive rig time....
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Drilling Jars
National Oilwell Varco Downhole manufactures Griffith™ and Bowen™ drilling jars suited for all drilling operations. Product ...
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Intensifier™ Tools
Intensifiers are designed to ensure maximum jarring efficiency in directional or crooked holes where wall drag is a problem,...
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Shock Tools
National Oilwell Varco manufactures Griffith® and BlackMax Shock Tools. Shock tools are designed to isolate the drill string...
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Drilling Bumper Subs
Bumper Subs, often referred to as a slack joint, may be used as motion compensators on floating rigs, or to allow controlled...
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Stabilization Tools
Drill collars, when used without stabilizers, tend to buckle and cause unwanted deviation. A typical bottom hole assembly (B...
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Reamers and Wipers
NOV Downhole Reamers and Wipers reduce torque and drag, increase the rate of penetration, and improve operational efficiency...
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Hydrastab™ Variable Gauge Stabilizer
Designed, engineered and built to meet the needs of today's more complex extended reach and horizontal wells, the Hydrastab ...
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Drilling Safety Valves
Safety Valves are designed for use during well servicing and workover operations. A Safety Valve is a full opening valve tha...
Drill pipe safety valve - thumb
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Drilling Check Valves
Check Valves are designed to control or prevent a backflow condition when the kelly or top drive is diconnected from the dri...
Stabbing Valve - thumb
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Drill Collars
Drill Collars are one of the key components in the BHA. They provide the weight on bit to drill the well and keep the drillp...
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Drillstring Components
NOV Downhole offers a variety of drillstring components to support your drilling operation. Products include lift subs for t...
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The AGITATOR oscillation tool gently oscillates the Bottom Hole Assembly to significantly improve weight transfer and reduce...
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NOV Downhole's FluidHammer performance drilling tool is the next step in drilling improvement with industry-leading performa...
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