Drill Collars
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    Drill Collars

    Drill Collars are one of the key components in the BHA. They provide the weight on bit to drill the well and keep the drillpipe in tension to prevent buckling.

    NOV Downhole offers four different types of drill collars:

    • Slick
    • Spiral
    • Flex
    • Square

    Machining Drill Collar

    Each type is engineered for a specific purpose and proper selection and placement within the drillstring is critical to the success of the drilling operation. All NOV Downhole Drill Collars are manufactured to API specifications and are available in outer diameter sizes ranging from 2-7/8 to 9-1/2 inches and in various lengths.

    NOV Downhole also offers a selection of Non-Magnetic Drill Collars that will not interfere with your specialized directional equipment and will enhance the performance of your drilling operation. Manufactured with non-magnetic steel, non-magnetic drill collars function as a housing for your MWD tools, while at the same time provide the weight your drillstring requires. Our non-magnetic drill collars are suitable for all types of drilling including straight and directional applications.

    Our proprietary forging specifications ensure full-length heat treatment to produce a consistent maximum degree of hardness over the length of the collar.


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