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Bowen™ Fishing Tools
National Oilwell Varco has manufactured the world's most dependable and comprehensive family of fishing tools for more than 75 years. In 2000, National Oilwell Varco acquired the most respected fishing tools in the industry, Bowen brand. Each tool in the line of equipment manufactured by National Oilwell Varco is engineered and designed to perform a specific operation. Since several fishing tools are generally installed in a fishing string, each tool is engineered to enhance and complement the performance of the others to provide the most efficient solution to the full range of fishing needs. National Oilwell Varco has spent decades refining our product designs, resulting in a broad selection of fishing tools that have become industry standards.
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Accessory Fishing Tools
NOV Downhole offers a variety of tools that enhance the fishing operation. Bumper subs provide you that extra movement in th...
super II intensifier - thumb
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Internal Catch Fishing Tools
Spears, taper taps, and packer retrievers are internal catch tools that National Oilwell manufactures. Internal catch fishin...
Rotary Taper Tap - thumb
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Junk Catch Fishing Tools
National Oilwell Varco offers an extensive line of Junk Catch Fishing Tools for all retrieving needs....
Junk Basket - thumb
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Bowen™ Milling & Cutting Tools
NOV Downhole Bowen Milling Tools, hardfaced with Itcoloy, sintered tungsten carbide particles, are designed to mill away stu...
pilotMill thumb
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Repair & Remedial Tools
National Oilwell's repair and remedial fishing tool product line consists of casing scrapers, casing rollers, and casing pat...
Casing Scraper - thumb
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Bowen® External Catch Fishing Tools
National Oilwell Varco proudly offers a comprehensive range of Bowen External Catch Fishing Tools.  ...
Series 150 Overshot - thumb
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