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Bowen™ Jar Intensifier® Tool
Bowen™ Jar Intensifier® Tool

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The Bowen Jar Intensifier is run in conjunction with the Bowen Jar; either the Bowen Type Z Oil Jar, older Hydraulic Rotary Jar, or Super and Super II Fishing Jars. Its function is to supply acceleration to the upper end of the Jar and lower portion of the work string during the jarring stroke.

Each Bowen Jar Intensifier is designed to match a corresponding Bowen Rotary Jar. The Intensifier is essentially a fluid spring that stores energy when a strain is pulled on the running string. When the strain is removed by the free stroke of the Jar, the stored energy is released, accelerating the drill collars and jar end upward until a blow of high impact is struck.


The Bowen Jar Intensifier is completely safe to assemble, use and maintain, since no high pressure pre-loading is required.

The Intensifier is particularly valuable in deep, crooked holes where much of the stretch of the string is lost in friction. The tool is equally valuable at very shallow depths where very little stretch is available due to the short working string.

A secondary advantage of the tool is its ability to absorb much of the shock of the rebounding string after the jarring stroke, protecting tools and string from damage.

Full torque may be transmitted through Intensifier at all times, and full circulation may be maintained through the tool.

Operation of the tool is very simple, requiring only straight pull, as rapidly or as slowly as required by the operation.


intensifier 4019 specs

Excessive numbers of drill collars should not be used when the Intensifier is in use.

NOTE: Use only Bowen Intensifier Fluid in this tool. Other fluids will not work and will cause damage to the tool.