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Bowen® Pilot Mills
Bowen Pilot Mills

Bowen Pilot Mills have been proven in the field to be well suited for milling liner hangers, eliminating inside cuts. They are also well suited for milling washpipe, safety joints, crossover swages, and washover shoes.

NOV Downhole Bowen Milling Tools, hardfaced with Itcoloy, sintered tungsten carbide particles, are designed to mill away stuck fish that cannot be retrieved by conventional fishing methods. Their super penetration rates results in fewer round trips. They are highly resistant to impact loads and their selfsharpening feature results in maximum useful life.


Bowen Milling Options:

  • Taper Mill
  • Junk Mill
  • Round Nose
  • Fishing Neck
  • Pilot Mill

All sizes available according to customer specifications.

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