Mobile Maintenance Units
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    The Griffith Portable Service Center is a completely self-contained drilling tool service shop designed for use in remote locations.


    The units are available in a single width using the Torquemaster Junior, or in a double or triple width, using the Griffith Torquemaster. All units are skid mounted structures complete with:

    • Integral floor sumps
    • Overhead crane rails
    • Container mounts/lift points at the corners
    • Insulated and sheeted walls and roof
    • Full height doors
    • Hinged/removable side panels as necessary


    The Griffith Portable Service Center only requires an external power source (specified by the customer), as all units are complete with a breaker panel and circuits for major equipment and accessories.
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    Standard Equipment:

    • Torquemaster Junior (single) wide center
    • Torquemaster (double) wide center
    • Air Compressor - air lines and outlets
    • Sump complete with pump
    • Work bench, cabinets, and shelving
    • Lights and receptacles
    • 3 ton overhead crane ways
    • 3 ton exterior jib crane mounting provision


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    Optional Equipment:

    • Jar Tester
    • 3 ton overhead bridge cranes
    • 3 ton exterior jib cranes
    • Complete hand tool packages
    • Griffith service vise
    • Pulling post
    • Pressure washer
    • A/C unit or heater
    • Torquemaster accessories as required


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    Technical Specifications:

    • Length: 35' 6" with Skid
    • Width: 8'
    • Height: 9' 6" (8' inside door frames)