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Mud Mixing System
Mud Mixing System
Drilling Fluid Mix and Additive System

The modular layout of national Oilwell Varco’s Mud Mixing System offers a compact design for mud mixing on offshore installations.


The modular layout of national Oilwell Varco’s Mud Mixing System offers a compact design for mud mixing on offshore installations. This results in a healthy and ergonomically correct workplace for the operator. The system incorporates sufficient equipment for efficient and flexible mixing of drilling fluid for standard drilling operations within a restricted area. Each machine in the system has been selected to be the most appropriate, lightweight and efficient component for the intended operation.


Modular design results in reduced engineering and project costs
Compact design
Dust-free mixing
Built-in closed loop dust filtration simplifies the HVAC system
Full control of materials added
Certified for operation in a hazardous area
Meets all relevant offshore requirements regarding health, safety and environment
Built with materials and surface protections to withstand the roughest offshore environments
Field-proven technology
Layout based on customer requirements


Design Temperature-10°C - +50°C  (14°F - 122°F)
Mud Mixer, powder capacity35 m³/h (1236 ft³/h)
Mud Mixer, flow capacity227 m³/h  (1000 gpm)
Surge Tanks, volume2-6 m³ (70-210 ft³)
Surge Tank Feeder, feed rate2.8 - 28 m³/h (99 - 990 ft³/h)
Surge Tank Feeder, motor5 kW (6.7 hp)
Sack Slitting Machine, capacity120 sacks/h
Sack Slitting Machine, main motor4.8 kW (6.4 hp)
Sack Slitting Machine, filter fan motor0.9 kW (12 hp)
Sack Handling Unit, air vibrator7 Sm³/h @ 2 - 6 barg (247 ft³/h @ 29 - 87 PSI)
Sack Handling Unit, dosing rates0.35 - 3.5 m³/h (12 - 120 ft³/min)
Big Bag, hopper volume0.5 - 1.2 m³ (17.5 - 42 ft³)
Big Bag, dosing rate0.5 - 5 m³/h (17.5 - 175 ft³/h)
Big Bag, dosing screw motor3.6 kW (4.8 hp)
Big Bag, air vibrator18 Sm³/h @ 6 - 10 barg (660 ft³/h @ 87 - 145 PSI)
Lifting Table, capacity2,000 kg (4,400 lbs)
Lifting Table, motor0.9 kW (1.2 hp)
Please note that the contents of this data sheet may be changed without warning. Drawing and measurements must not be used for construction. 
Basic Components:
Barite/Bentonite Surge Tanks with Surge Tank Feeders and foundation frames
Sack Handling Unit with pallet lifting table and dosing screw conveyor
Mud Hoppers with plenum chamber and manual sack table
Bi-directional screw conveyor for feeding to either of the two Mud Hoppers
Foundation frame with working platform for the Sack Handling Unit and pallet lifting table
Bib Bag Emptying Unit with dosing screw coneyor for feeding to the dedicated Mud Hopper
Local Control Panel for local control of all equipment; central control system as option