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Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge
GA112 Series Indicator System
  • Provides quick, accurate check on mud pump operation; helps detect washed out drill pipe or bit nozzle problems
  • Indicator gauges can be mounted in the weight indicator box, driller's console, or locally on the mud pump
  • Full 360° dial calibration for maximum pointer movement; shows the smallest pressure changes
  • Fluid filled gauge has large easy to read 6" dial face and high pressure damper adjust
  • Typically used with rugged E17-152 Diaphragm Protector in GM4-Series Pressure Indicating Systems
  • Hose lengths to 50 feet are standard; longer lengths available in some pressure ranges
  • Panel Mounted
  • Standard Capacities include:
    • 4000, 8000, 12,000 and 16,000 psi
    • 400 and 800 kg/cm2
    • 40 and 80 MPa