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High Strength Drill Pipe
High Strength Drill Pipe
Drill Pipe
S-135T™ , Z-140™, V-150™ and UD-165™

S-135T™ - Enhanced Toughness

Continuous high drilling loads lead to increased fatigue rates. Proprietary grade S-135T™ offered by NOV Grant Prideco provides high strength and high toughness. S-135T drill pipe incorporates a proprietary chemistry and a rigidly controlled quench and temper heat treatment. Providing a minimum average Charpy impact of 59 ft-lbs, S-135T meets or exceeds all of the requirements if of API S-135 as well as NS-1, DS-1 specification for critical service, NORSOK, and other rigourous proprietary standards. With significantly higher fracture toughness than API S-135 drill pipe, S-135T will work harder and longer.

eXtreme®Drilling Z-140™ -High Strength and High Toughness with Superior Tensile Strength

Compared to S-135T, NOV Grant Prideco’s Z-140 grade provides increased tensile strength and increased toughness. Incorporating proprietary chemistry and a rigidly controlled quench and temper heat treatment Z-140 provides an exceptional balance between strength and toughness required for deep, ERD, and deepwater wells.

eXtreme®Drilling V-150™ - The Drill Pipe That Has Enable Drilling Many Of Today's World Class Wells

In comparison to API S-135, NOV Grant Prideco V-150 grade drill pipe provides 11% greater tensile strength while maintaining better impact strength. Toughness values this high, allows total confidence when running V-150. NOV Grant Prideco V-150 drill pipe has enabled drilling of today’s deepest wells.

UltraDeep™UD-165™ - Ultra-High Strength Drill Pipe To Extend Today's Drilling Envelope - Ultra-Deep and " Ultra - ERD" Wells

UltraDeep™ UD-165™ is the result of an extensive two-year development program. During the design phase, four different chemistries were evaluated. Process parameters and mechanical properties — hardness, tensile, impact were optimized. With the alloy finalized, crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) testing, fatigue testing, slip-testing, full-scale manufacturing test and extensive field trails were conducted to verify performance.

More UD-165™ Information


• Reach Objectives

High strength drill pipe enables you to drill deeper and step out further.

• Reduce Hook Load

Higher strength pipe allows you to reduce drill stem weight, reducing torque and drag.

High strength drill pipe is more economical than aluminum or titanium alternatives.

• Improve Hydraulics

Reduced wall thickness opens pipe I.D., providing improved hydraulics.

• Toughness

Compared to API S-135, over 22% stronger with no loss of toughness.

• Confidence

Steel is a proven technology.

Over 1.5 million feet NOV Grant Prideco high strength, high toughness drill pipe sold.