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Hook Blocks
Hook Blocks
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National Oilwell Varco offers hook blocks in numerous sizes that integrate with dollies and/or top drives for both offshore and land packages.

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11PDFIdeco Hook Blocks Flyer
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NOV understands time means money. Use the Direct Connect email link above and we will respond within 24 hours. If we cannot answer your question, we will direct you to an NOV expert. If you are in a rig down situation, contact 24/7 technical support at 281-569-3050. 


  • National Oilwell Varco delivers name brand quality in hook block design and equipment.  NOV offers an extensive line of Ideco™ UTB Hook Blocks as well as an extensive line of National™ Type G Hook Blocks. 
  • The Ideco Hook Block design prevents hang-up on tool joint shoulders, racking platforms, or mast girts.  Fabriform Sheaves are standard on every Ideco Block and heavy, steel-plated, hinged sheave guards open quickly and easily for fast reeving.  An automatic safety lock prevents the hook from opening under load, and all weight (including the swivel bail) must be removed and the lock manually released before the hook will open.
  • National Type G Hook Blocks are offered in six load ratings from 175 tons to 650 tons, all in accordance with API yield strength standards.  The Type G Hook Blocks come with a fully universal connection between the hook and block assemblies.  The National Type G Hooks feature a built-in hydraulic snubber, a safety positioner, a convenient rotation lock, and a unique tongue construction.  Each sheave is a one-piece steel casting, assuring longer sheave life and elimination of rim cracks.
  • For more information on hook blocks see the attached UTB Hook flyer, the specifications tab, and/or contact NOV at  
  • Built in hydraulic snubber eliminates damage to tool joint threads
  • Automatic locking features improve safety and reduce accidents
  • Forged steel and one-piece casting assures a longer sheave life
  • All NOV equipment is backed by comprehensive Aftermarket Services and Support

 National Type G Hook Block specifications:








# of Sheaves455667
Sheave O.D., in.354045506060
Load rating, tons175250350500500650
Line sizes, in.1 1/8, 1¼1 1/8, 1¼1¼, 1 3/81 3/8, 1½1 3/8, 1½1½, 1 5/8
Weight, lbs7,92011,60015,26021,25026,50031,780

For Ideco UTB Specifications, download attached flyer.

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