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    National Oilwell Varco’s land drilling rigs are the cutting edge of technological innovation, power, precision, and design. We are proud to introduce the latest innovation in customer interaction with the Rig Wizard. Using the most proven industry standards and drawing on National Oilwell Varco’s tested and superior Land Rig Portfolio, you have the power to build your very own land drilling rig. Need a 375-ton rig; we have you covered; telescopic or cantilever mast, no problem; 700 or 3,000 horsepower, or any range in between, we can build those too. Join us at


    Ideal Rig Series Information

    Versatile rigs with a straight-leg mast design, intended to operate globally.

    Velocity Rig Series Information

    Fast-moving singles rigs designed with fewer transport loads.

    Signature Rig Series Information

    Slingshot designed rigs built for specific requirements.

    Custom Terrain Rig Series Information

    Purpose-built rigs to perform in rugged terrains and environments.

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    NOV understands that time means money. If you need answers quickly, we are here to help. Use the Direct Connect email link to the left and we will respond within 24 hours. If we cannot answer your question, we will direct you to an expert who can. If you are in a rig down situation, please contact the 24/7 technical support number at 281-569-3050.

    NOV’s land drilling solutions can go where you need to go, drill as deep as you need to drill in the toughest environments, rig up/down with ease and speed, and deliver quality services you expect from an organization with over 170 years of drilling experience.

    For questions, please contact:
    Land Rig Solutions
    10000 Richmond Avenue
    Houston, TX 77042
    Phone: 713-346-7500
    Fax: 713-346-2195
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    The Ideal Rig Series
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    Signature Rig Series
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    The Ideal™ Rig Series
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    Velocity Rig Series
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