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WATER is a life necessity…But not in your SUMP

Water Intrusion

NOV Fiber Glass Systems brings you another industry FIRST with our new Water Intrusion Warranty . By installing our Sump Entry Termination Fitting in a fiberglass sump according to our recommendations, we guarantee that the fitting will keep groundwater from entering the sump at that penetration. Partner with us and start saving money, while having peace of mind at the pumps for the next 30 years.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems is the leader for time-tested piping systems for underground fueling systems. We have proven our leadership with more than 40 years of continuous supply of 2 brands of UL Listed products for underground fuels. With a combined 85 years of experience, Red ThreadTM IIA, DualoyTM 3000/L and LCX have never been removed due to fuel incompatibility. With the ongoing search for renewable fuels, this long-term capability is key to choosing our products for use in future fuel applications.

Superior Flow Capabilities

Red ThreadTM IIA pipe has the largest inside diameter in the fuel handling industry, which enables you to pump fuel at twice the rate of any other 1½" flexible product on the market. DualoyTM products have a slightly smaller inside diameter to accommodate a neat resin liner layer. Both products demonstrate superior flow.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Red ThreadTM IIA and DualoyTM pipe systems are made with thermosetting, aromatic amine cured epoxy resin, ensuring no maintenance or replacement costs due to fuel incompatibility.


NOV Fiber Glass Systems fuel handling piping is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for public safety and environment regulations, including those issued by Federal and State EPA in the U.S.

Delivering Experience

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National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Fiber Glass Systems delivers piping solutions across industries and continents. With manufacturing facilities spanning four continents, and a sales and distribution network covering 40 countries, we provide worldwide service to the oil and gas, chemical and industrial, marine, offshore, and fuel handling industries.

A Range of Products For Every Application
NOV Fiber Glass Systems products range from 1½" to 36" diameter (40 mm to 900 mm) for oil and gas applications and 1" to 100" diameter (25 mm to 2500 mm) for chemical and industrial applications. Temperature ratings range from 225°F (107°C) for the oil and gas industry to 275°F (135°C) for the chemical and industrial sector. Marine and offshore products range from 1" to 72" diameter (25 mm to 1828 mm) with Type Approval through 362 psi (25 bar), with fire endurance capabilities, including resistance to jet fire. Fuel handling products range from 2" to 6" (50 mm to 152 mm), in size-over-size or coaxial configurations for compatibility with all types of fuel.

Our engineers and fabricators design and manufacture pipe and fittings incorporating a variety of mechanical and bonded systems to ensure precise installation, optimum performance and unmatched ease of assembly.

The Forerunner in Setting Standards
An expert in composite pipe with more than 65 years of industry experience, NOV Fiber Glass Systems is the:
• FIRST North American pipe manufacturer to earn ISO 9001 certification
• FIRST Listed for non-metallic fuel handling pipe
• FIRST in product versatility, supplying the broadest, most comprehensive product selection available
• FIRST in spoolable line pipe


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