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The World’s Leading Provider of Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen, Snubbing and Coiled Tubing Drilling Equipment

Based in Fort Worth, Texas since 1973, NOV Hydra Rig’s products and services are recognized worldwide for quality and performance. Today NOV Hydra Rig has manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Canada and Belarus as well as sales and service centers in the USA, Beijing, UK, and Dubai. No other manufacturer can match this commitment to customer service.

NOV Hydra Rig is the world’s leading manufacturer of CT, nitrogen and snubbing equipment. With over a 1000 CT units, 1000 nitrogen units, and 250 snubbing units in use worldwide, NOV Hydra Rig equipment meets the demand for rugged, dependable operation from the Tropics to the Arctic.

NOV Hydra Rig can also meet your certification requirements, whether it be DNV (2.73, 2.71, 2.22) and/or Zone rated.

NOV Hydra Rig’s dedication to quality and continued research and development, along with strong after-sales support, have kept NOV Hydra Rig in this leadership position for over 35 years.

The Choice

From the North Sea to the North slope of Alaska, in the Persian Gulf or the Gulf of Mexico, NOV Hydra Rig coiled tubing unites have consistently built a reputation among coiled tubing operators to be the smoothest operating, most powerful and dependable units ever built. High mobility, fast rig up time, low maintenance, and most importantly superior unit control, increases its value every time it is deployed.

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