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NOVOS™ Operating System

An Adaptive and Hierarchical Approach to Automation

In a bold and innovative move, NOVOS™ advances rig control on the automation continuum from scripted to adaptive, from human-in-the-loop to human-on-the-loop. Existing automation is scripted; a step by step series of actions taken by a machine or multiple machines to accomplish a goal. While the process of planning and drilling a well is a collaborative process, in large part the tools and equipment utilized in the process are seperate and disparate systems, with people being the glue that holds it all together. The process must be actively monitored and any departure from the “script” requires significant human intervention to ensure the script is resumed in a safe manner. Without that human oversight and involvement, inefficient or dangerous situations may occur.

Significant increases in efficiency and safety are achieved as NOVOS monitors the well construction process, detects events or departures from what is expected and adjusts accordingly, all the while keeping the human on-the-loop. NOVOS links the previously disconnected equipment and systems together in a hierarchy. Decisions are made and status and progress are communicated at the appropriate level. The NOVOS guidance-rich user interface translates that communication into one big picture improving overall situational awareness. Everyone associated with the well is provided with an intuitive and immediate understanding of the status of the well. No matter what the situation, a human is always on the loop and can resume direct control instantly. This provides assurance of control with no change in operational accountability.

People on the loop

So think of it this way….

Every battle plan looks great until you meet the enemy. Once you meet the enemy, the plan must be adapted and changed. In an ideal situation you might go back to the analysts, revise the plan and begin again. But the reality is, when meeting the enemy on the battle field or meeting the enemy downhole, plans must be changed and adapted to conditions in real time.

Level of Automation

Well Plan Integration

The NOVOS Operating System advances automation of the well construction process by integrating the well plan with the rig operating system. In order to automate a process, you must first understand the process. This understanding is delivered to the NOVOS Operating System through a set of data derived from the well plan which provides boundaries, set point instruction and warnings by interval, activity or section. NOVOS adherence to the plan and ability to adapt to ever changing conditions at the surface and downhole provides an increase in well construction quality and efficiency for wells ranging from factory style to more advanced and complex operations.

Powerful Open Platform

NOVOS powerful open operating platform allows you to select equipment and applications to meet the specific requirements of your company for each well. Changing out a piece of equipment is no longer an expensive programming change to the operating system but is as easy as selecting a new make and model from a drop down list, a first for drilling operating systems. The NOVOS open platform ensures that as new procedures and technologies are introduced into the well construction process, applications can be developed and easily deployed. Operators, contractors or other third parties can now create, build and distribute applications using NOVOS and the NOVOStoreTM. Contact the NOVOS team for more information on the Software Development Kit (SDK) and development opportunities or about how to make sure your equipment is NOVOS ready.

NOVOS Control System



Consume Automation and Apps on Your Terms

NOVOS role based permissions and automation architecture give companies the ability to turn on or turn off levels of automation by process step and by user. Configure level of automation based upon rig equipment, well complexities, or crew capability. It’s up to you. In addition, NOVOS Scenario Manager equips users with the ability to select applications specific to the needs of the well, section or measured depth interval being constructed: use DrillSharkTM for drilling optimization in the vertical section, use NEMSISTM for optimization in the directional section. NOVOS Planning App and Scenario Manager combine optimal set points and safe operational boundaries from your well plan with applications and tools you’ve selected for each scenario to safe-guard the well and drive efficiency.



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