• Our rotary-shouldered connection products have enabled the industry to drill farther, faster and less expensive than ever before. However, performance is no longer the sole driver. Our customers want products that deliver performance, efficiency and economy.

    Grant Prideco, part of the NOV Wellbore Technologies Segment, is proud to introduce the Delta™ connection. Its extensive development and testing focused specifically on our customers’ interactions with our products. Our goal was to create a high-performance product that is easier to run, robust and more forgiving. It is the most balanced connection we have ever put to market, and its proprietary features reduce your total cost of ownership.

    Select features of this innovative new connection include:

    Operational Envelope Comparable to the XT™ Connection – The Delta connection offers torque comparable to or higher than that provided by the XT connection. This allows for use of streamlined tool joints and improved hydraulic performance.

    More Refacing - The refacing amount for the Delta connection was increased by 50%. More refaces can take place before a recut of the connection is needed, which saves you money and results in a longer usable life for the product.

    Deeper Stabbing – There are more threads engaged at stab, which minimizes stabbing damage because the stress on the connection is more evenly distributed.

    Faster Makeup – The Delta connection has significantly fewer turns from stab to makeup than comparable XT connections. This saves time and reduces the amount of wear on threads.


    For more information on the Delta connection, visit the Delta webpage.

    Published Date: 2016-12-01
    Source: National Oilwell Varco