• Multistage fracturing projects in the North Sea have typically used cemented plug-and-perf completions, which can deliver weak stimulation effects and be extremely time consuming. A major operator in the region was experiencing such issues and attempted several solutions, including single-shot perforations, selective acid stimulation using coiled tubing and straddle packers, and “smart” well technology that incorporated downhole and surface equipment. Ultimately, the operator found that such solutions were time-consuming and capital intensive without addressing the need for performance improvements. NOV’s i-Frac™ system, which is a ball-actuated, sleeve-based system with multi-open-close functionality, was chosen as a mechanical solution to this complicated scenario. Dissolvable balls for the sliding sleeves were the other critical component of the operation.

    After a validation testing program, the sliding-sleeve systems were installed as part of two trial wells. The operator’s primary purposes for integrating stimulation sliding sleeves into the operation were to divide and isolate the reservoir into manageable stimulation intervals and provide even acid distribution at each interval. When the results clearly demonstrated that the i-Frac system was providing proper stimulation, increasing operational efficiency, and optimizing production, the operator chose to implement the technology as part of a field-wide solution. Substantial performance improvements across several categories, including completion efficiency, stimulation efficiency, and production management, were achieved after using the system. Future development of the technology has the potential to drive greater improvements to efficiency and performance.

    The i-Frac system and this project were featured in the July/August edition of Drilling Contractor. Read the full article here.


    Published Date: 2017-07-26
    Source: National Oilwell Varco