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Today's complex drilling programs demand innovative downhole solutions.

ReedHycalog® SystemMatched™ Directional Solutions

Seeker™ Directional Drill Bits optimize drilling performance and save time and money in directional operations by:

  • Providing Excellent Steerability
  • Delivering Smooth Boreholes
  • Maximizing ROP
  • Exceeding Durability Objectives

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Leading in the Right Direction


Features and Benefits

Seeker - Top View

Seeker directional drill bits combine the best attributes of MS and RS bit designs with several revolutionary new design features.

The Seeker product line matches the bit to the specific well profile, drive type, and lithology by using the most comprehensive range of products in the industry coupled with ReedHycalog's SystemMatcher™ bit selection software.

Seeker - Graph
  • Optimized Backrakes
  • Semi-Active Gauge
  • Dual Action Gauge (DAG) and Upreamer
  • SmoothTorque™ Torque Control Components (TCC)
  • SmoothTorque Lateral
  • SmoothSteer™ Gauge

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