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    Fiber Glass Systems delivers piping solutions across industries and continents. With manufacturing facilities spanning four continents, and a sales and distribution network covering 40 countries, we provide worldwide service to the oil and gas, chemical and industrial, marine, offshore, fuel handling and mining industries.



    New Facility in Saudi Arabia

    We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our operations with a new composite pipe manufacturing facility located near the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. For more information please click here to read our formal news release.

    Engineered to Endure

    Fiber Glass Systems manufactures composite pipe and fittings engineered for efficiency and performance. The lightweight corrosion resistant design is easy to install and maintenance free, lowering installation and operation costs. And with a proven history of longevity – original installation can successfully operate for more than five decades – our economic advantage endures time. Offering value and innovation, Fiber Glass Systems solves the inherent problems associated with using traditional piping materials for tough applications and harsh environments.

    We Deliver More Than Pipe

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    Fiber Glass Systems can provide complete turnkey solutions for owners, engineers and contractors, and we assist at every stage of a project — from conception through operation. We have extensive experience designing, engineering, manufacturing, fabricating and installing piping systems for aggressive chemicals, abrasive slurries, temperature extremes and high pressure, as well as milder applications.

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    We are The Forerunner in Setting Standards

    Our untapped resources and continuous research and development of the highest quality products made us an expert in fiberglass pipe technology. We hold many of the industry's "first" credentials:

    - FIRST North American pipe manufacturer to earn ISO 9001 certification

    - FIRST U.S. pipe manufacturer to achieve API Q1 status

    - FIRST listed for non-metallic fuel handling pipe

    - FIRST in product versatility, supplying the broadest, most comprehensive product selection available

    - FIRST in spoolable line pipe

    GRE Piping Systems

    Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping systems can challenge metallic piping systems in today's ecoenviroment due to the lower energy requirements needed for manufacturing and the lower energy use throughout the pipes' service life.

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    Performance You Trust...From Products You Know.

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