• Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frame

    Support ultra-deepwater string weights while enhancing operational performance with our latest innovation in motion compensation with the Devin™ Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frame (CCTLF).

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    Our CCTLF delivers support for completion and post-completion deployment for coiled tubing and wireline operations aboard various offshore vessels. It provides a designated work window between the top drive and landing string for subsea completion and intervention activities. The system distributes weight evenly across the top section, down two legs, and back to center at the bottom section allowing for well-center rig up of coiled tubing, wireline and slickline.


    • Can be rigged up as back up or primary compensator
    • 100% DROPS compliant
    • Auto hydraulic fluid drain/fill system
    • Can be rigged up in multiple pieces or picked up as one
      • Can be rigged up in parallel or perpendicular position
    • Adjustments made for rig specific modifications
      • NOV has specs on most global rig/derrick/crane packages
    • Adjustments made for customer/application-specific modification requirements
    • Can be engineered to any global requirements
      • API, DNV, NORSOK, etc.


    • Automated compensation operation
      • Can be operated fully automated or manual to include auto tide adjust
        • Manual activation of onboard and APV valve system can be actuated via remote control
        • 350/500/750/1000MT compensating/static
        • 20/25 feet stroke capabilities
    • Hands-free/remote control hydraulic actuation of:
      • Bail pins
      • Stabilizer arm functions (includes pin lock system)
      • Lower frame assembly articulation and elevator door
      • Injector stand functions including "stowed position"
        • 5M vertical/4 feet horizontal stroke with 20 degree pivoting in both directions
      • Primary auxiliary hoist lifting units
        • Man rider hoist lifting unit option available
    • Active functions monitoring system
      • Indicator monitoring system stays in drill shack for real time monitoring