• Automated Control Systems (ACS)


    Our Automated Control Systems (ACS) are used around the globe for wellhead surface and subsurface safety valve control in both onshore and offshore applications. We offer hydraulic power units along with high-pressure test racks for use in testing facilities.

    We have been providing these services to every major petroleum producing region of the world for over 30 years. Whether the control system is an extension of an existing unit or exists only as a conceptual project element, we can provide a solution to fit your needs.


    • Custom hydraulic and pneumatic control systems 
    • Coiled tubing standalone control skids
    • Floating production systems controls
    • Hydraulic power units
    • Process control panels
    • Self-contained hydraulic well control units
    • Accumulator packages
    • Chemical injection units
    • API SCSSV test consoles
    • Wellhead surface and subsurface safety
    • Portable well control units for well servicing operations
    • Fusible loop charge panels
    • Tubing string equalization skids



    Safety Systems Accessories

    • ESD stations
    • Flow line pilots
    • Fusible plugs
    • Valves

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