• Anson Relief Valves

    Our Anson™ relief valves are compact and simple to operate, providing over pressure protection for typical applications such as reciprocating pumps and treating lines.

    • End connections are Anson Fig. 1502 union ends
    • Opens when a pre-set pressure is exceeded and automatically snaps shut when pressure drops
    • Comes standard with Material Test Reports (MTR)
    • Supplied with unique serial number
    • Available size is 2"
    • Suitable for standard service applications up to 15,000 psi

    Note: Valves are set at 15,000 psi unless otherwise specified by the customer


    The Anson relief valve is available for standard service 15,000 psi working pressure or sour gas service 10,000 psi working pressure. End connections are Anson Fig. 1502 union ends.   The valve is set at the customer specified relief pressure at the  factory and is fully tested.