• Anson Swivel Joints

    Our Anson™ swivel joints allow articulated flowlines to be set up quickly and easily using available pipework. We supply a full range of Anson swivel joints including our long radius, short radius, threaded, quadrace, Tri-Race, and code silver swivel joints. Our swivel joints are designed to be dependable while meeting load capacities and service conditions.

    All our swivel joints come standard with the following:

    • Forged, one-piece construction, fully heat treated
    • Subject to a full MPI inspection to ASTM E709
    • Material Test Reports (MTR) included
    • Supplied with unique serial number
    • Suitable for standard or sour gas service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75



    The swivel elbows are a forged one-piece construction, fully heat treated and subject to a full MPI inspection to ASTM E709. The design requires no retaining segments for the hammer nut and offers no crack propagating body penetrations. Standard service models utilize extra strong materials with good ductility.

    The longlife swivel joint is available in sizes up to 4 in. with working pressures up to 15,000 psi and in styles 10 through 100. End connections are hammer union (LRHU) as standard, but other end connections can be manufactured to order.


    • Low-torque operation
    • Proven seal technology
    • Design suitable for vibration seen in fracking service
    • Ball raceway use integrated grease track to increase time period between maintenance intervals
    • Streamlined disassembly process to ease maintenance operations
    • Internal profile designed to mitigate erosion in service