• Production Technologies

    We have an extensive offering of onshore and offshore production solutions based on proven products and proprietary technologies. Our expertise in engineering and project management allow us to deliver quality products manufactured to meet the most demanding customer production requirements. Production products we offer include:

    • Pumps (Positive Displacement, Reciprocating and Progressing Cavity Pumps)
    • Chokes (For production applications)
    • Storage Tanks (Steel and Fiberglass tanks, Pedestals)
    • Combustion Solutions (Enclosed Vapor Combustors, Stick Flares)
    • Sand Handling Equipment (Custom Offshore Packages, Sand Traps, and our patented Tore™ technology products)
    • Separation Equipment (Custom Offshore Packages, 2,3, and 4 Phase Separators, Free Water Knock Outs, Indirect Line Heaters, Heater Treaters, and specially engineered internals)
    • Water Treatment Equipment (Custom Offshore Packages, Seawater Treatment, PetroPile™ Sump Caisson, WaterWolf™ Dynamic Oil Recovery System)
    • Dehydration Equipment (Custom Offshore Packages including: Gas Dehydration Unit, Crude Dehydration Unit, Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit)
    • Production Choke Manifolds
    • For more information about all of our topsides packages, click here.

    Our products were previously a part of NOV acquired companies Petrex and Merpro. If you've come to us from www.petrex.com or www.merpro.com you're in the right place.


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