• Gas Processing

    We provide an extensive portfolio of gas technologies: hydrate inhibition, dehydration, sweetening, hydrocarbon dewpointing and vapour recovery for gas. Our offering is based on decades of field-based experience and our elite team of experts.

    We move efficiently from consultancy to design and supply of components and complete processing systems, including testing, qualification and start-up – and then in the operation of the field.

    Over 30 years of wellstream process research, development and operational support are brought together in our system optimization analysis for greenfield and brownfield projects. For instance, our laboratory modelling techniques and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) displays how to achieve peak processing performance. Our MEG technology pilot plant can test equipment efficiency with actual field fluids and qualify candidate chemicals.

    We deliver a full depth of experience and expertise to the critically important feasibility studies, concept definition and front end engineering design (FEED), providing our customers with sound early decision-making information, including cost and time considerations.

    Our world-leading portfolio of high-end technologies, both standardized and custom-made, allows specialized equipment selection, including: 

    • Full stream MEG regeneration systems, for treating entire salty rich MEG feed
    • Slip stream MEG regeneration systems, systems with slip stream salt removal
    • Advanced MEG, combining full and slip stream with advanced impurities treatment
    • Conventional MEG, for use in absence of formation water/salt
    • TEG Gas Dehydration 
    • Super Purifier TEG regeneration for high-efficiency and low-maintenance, minimum-footprint and weight
    • Molecular Sieves, for versatile performance on dew points and sour components or mercury
    • Amines for gas sweetening
    • Cold processes for hydrocarbon dewpointing

    Apart from consultancy, detail design, delivery of equipment, packages and modules, commissioning, start-up and operational support, we provide full expert aftermarket services for our installed equipment, including maintenance, optimization, spare parts management and user-training.

    Our offering is a true end-to-end service, in which every element reflects our superior expertise and commitment to perform. Through our products and services we enable maximum value at minimum cost to our customers.


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