• NOVOS: NOV’s Process Automation Platform

    NOVOS is a process automation platform that enables safe and scalable integration of drilling intelligence into NOV control systems. NOVOS provides a comprehensive solution for automated systems and dynamic models to directly drive the drilling process and provide the potential for faster, safer, and more consistent well creation.



    With minimal added hardware, NOVOS can orchestrate the drilling tools to perform the slips to slips drilling process on NOV’s integrated control systems Cyberbase and Amphion. NOVOS maintains safe operations for the surface equipment, downhole tools and well while allowing external applications to optimize set points and procedures.


    NOVOS System

    • Driller focuses on drilling process rather than individual tool control
    • Reduces strain of repetitive actions on the driller
    • Driller can resume direct control of operations instantly
    • Operators have more control of how their wells are drilled
    • Applies safe operational windows for surface tools, downhole tools and well program
    • Minimizes the hardware and cost to function multiple algorithms and models

    NOVOS Applications

    • Achieve multiple levels of automation on the automation spectrum
      • Human Drilling with Operational Limits
      • Automated Drilling (Slip to Slip)
      • Automated Drilling with Human Inputs
    • Generic interface for drilling intelligence application
      • Enforces safe tool operation
      • Prioritize application controls
      • Customize operational values
      • Enables remote interaction from drilling experts
    • User created custom application
      • Safety application
      • Drilling Optimization application
      • Directional Drilling application
      • Well Monitoring application