• NOVOS: A Big Step to the Rig of the Future

    The industry demands faster, safer, and more effective drilling operations. As a solution, we are offering the NOV Operating System (NOVOS), a process automation platform that unlocks the potential for optimized well creation. NOVOS provides drilling automation that can be quickly and easily scaled across entire rig fleets. NOVOS boosts your rig’s performance, ultimately translating to maximized uptime, cost savings and more reliable well construction.


    NOVOS is a software platform that integrates with existing NOV equipment and control systems to automate key parts of the drilling process that command substantial attention from the driller. Guided by the well program, NOVOS breaks down the planned drilling process into smaller, scheduled operations with identified start and end points. From that, NOVOS reliably performs assigned drilling sequences while still allowing human input at any point during the operation.

    NOVOS is a big step in the automated drilling world; this process automation platform enables faster, safer and more effective drilling today and will continually evolve to optimize the drilling process as technology progresses in the future.

    Traveling block height during abbreviated sample drilling cycles. This graph illustrates the more consistent NOVOS drilling (right) in comparison to conventional drilling (left). NOVOS is able to complete more sample cycles than the conventional driller in the same amount of time.


    Consistency through automation for faster and more reliable well construction

    • Reduces operational variances by directly handling some of the repetitive tasks drillers typically perform, allowing driller to focus more on safety and process execution
    • Performs typical drilling activities with efficiency and reliability, and without human factors such as fatigue, to yield more consistently drilled wells
    • Removes dependency on driller skill and experience
    • Allows driller to take manual control if necessary

    Simple implementation into existing NOV systems for easy adoption

    • Combats the challenges of revamping a control system by simply extending the capabilities of the industry-leading, existing NOV control systems
    • Easy installation with minimal impact on existing system; small hardware addition to yield immediate access to automated rig controls
    • Easily scalable across rig fleets
    • Designed to seamlessly adapt various equipment and human capabilities to executing the well program
    • Available as a retrofit on AmphionTM or CyberbaseTM control systems or in a newly built NOV rig

    Applications coordinate efforts between all parties involved for optimized drilling performance

    • Enhances drilling performance through drilling intelligence and optimization applications
    • Allows direct control within allotted responsibilities, yielding full customization of the drilling process
    • Application access dictated by contractor; advanced cyber security measures ensure system integrity