• Train Rig

    The 320MT Train Rig from NOV Rig Systems operates in extreme arctic conditions.


    Developed in Russia and designed to meet API and Russian requirements, a key aspect of the rig is the safe working environment with an echelon configuration capable of moving 350m. The Train Rig features an effective modular design and quick connections for cabling. The rig has advanced drilling controls integrated with established machinery and the drill floor electrical room location reduces cable runs and improves troubleshooting. With reduced length, the drilling module assembles lower to ground using 2x40mT cranes. The Russian 320 MT Train Rig can operate in extreme arctic weather of - 40°C to + 40°C.


    Well-TypeConventional, Shale, Horizontal
    Capacity320 mt (353 ton)
    Power 1,120 kw (1,500 hp)
    Rig Power
    6.3 kV High line
    Mast Raising System  Sling-line Raised by Drawworks
    SubstructureQuadra-Lift, Drawworks Raised
    Moving SystemRollers on Rails with Hydraulic Cylinders
    Drill Floor Height10 m (32.8 ft)
    Setback Capacity5,000 m of 127 mm Drill Pipe
    Top DriveTDS-10SA, 37,500 ft-lbs drilling torque
    Iron RoughneckST-80C2, 60,000 ft-lbs makeup torque; 80,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    AmbientArctic Compatible -40oC to +40oC operation
    Driller's Controls
    Driller's Cabin
    Rotary Table37.5"
    Mud Pumps
    (2) FD-1600
    1,190kw (1,600 hp)
    BOPs Spherical/Double13 5/8"