• Bowen™ Rotary Taper Taps




    Bowen™ Rotary Taper Taps are simple, rugged, dependable internal catch fishing tools.


    Run the taper tap in the hole to the top of the stuck fish, apply less than one point of weight, rotate the tap until the tapered threads have engaged the fish. Stop rotation, and pull the fish from the hole.



    Bowen™ Rotary Taper Taps are furnished in two types: Plain or Skirt type. Plain Taper Taps do not have a skirt thread provided on the shoulder. Skirt Type Taper Taps are threaded for a skirt. A skirt is used when the hole size is drastically different from the fish size. The taper tap can be dressed with a skirt or a skirt and oversize guide. This will allow for the taper tap to be guided into the fish more easily during the fishing operation.

    NOTE: All skirt type taper taps are furnished with a thread protector. This will insure that the threads are not damaged if the taper tap is run in a fishing operation that does not require a skirt.


    All Bowen Rotary Taper Taps are furnished with hardened wickers, designed to engage even the most difficult fish. The wickers are offered in a plain, water-tight, nonfluted design, if circulation is required below the stuck point, or a fluted type, designed to flush out the cuttings while engaging the fish.

    NOTE: Nonfluted watertight wickers are furnished standard. Fluted-type wickers must be specified when ordered if required. Left hand wickers and tool joint furnished on request.