• Bowen™ Simplex Packer Retrievers


    Bowen™ Simplex Packer Retrievers are internal engaging fishing tools designed to retrieve all types of "drillable" production packers in a single run. They are used in an assembly which consists of a retriever, stinger, mill shoe and bushing.



    A Bowen™ Simplex Packer Retriever has a top sub, mandrel, cage and bottom nut. The retriever is attached to the stinger which is long enough to extend through the packer, when the milling operation is started. The mill shoe must be of a length which will shroud the packer. A short mill shoe may be used with a piece of washpipe in place of the long mill shoe. Mill shoes are faced on the bottom and I.D. with Bowen Itcoloy (sintered tungsten carbide). They will not damage the well casing. On the bottom of the bushing there is a box connection for attaching the stinger and a pin connection for attaching the washpipe or long mill shoe. On top is a box string connection.


     To operate, lower the assembly until the Bowen™ Simplex Packer Retriever passes through the bore of the packer. Continue lowering until the mill shoe contacts the packer's slips. Begin circulation and rotation, and mill away the slips and sealing element until the packer is free. Then cease rotation, elevate the string and the retriever will engage and retrieve the packer.

    At any time after the retriever enters the packer, it can be released by lowering a few inches, rotating 90° to the right and slowly elevating the string.

    Send for Bowen Technical Manual No. 2710 which includes complete descriptions of construction, operation, maintenance, and parts listing for Bowen Simplex Packer Retrievers.