• Bowen™ Junk Basket


    The Bowen™ - Itco Junk Basket is a rugged junk fishing device, using either a Mill Shoe or Flat Bottom Type Shoe in conjunction with two sets of free revolving finger type Catchers.



    The catchers are of rivetless construction. They may be easily redressed on the job, eliminating the necessity of returning them to the shop for replacement. The upper catcher is designed to effectively break the core that is cut by the shoe. The fingers extend only halfway to the center.
    The lower catcher has alternately short and long fingers which extend almost to the center of the tool to effectively collect and retain odd pieces of junk or cores.

    This Junk Basket may be easily converted to a fishing magnet by replacing the catchers with a Bowen™ magnet insert.

    Alternate Mill Shoes available are Type B and Type C. The Type B is similar to Type A in design but with ltcoloy dressing. The Type C is flat bottomed and dressed with Itcoloy.




    Operation of the Itco Junk Basket is simple, requiring only slow rotation and circulating fluid, to retrieve junk, cores or both simultaneously.