• IntelliServ

    The IntelliServ Network enables instantaneous and bi-directional transmission of downhole data while drilling through Wired Drill Pipe. Rig time is saved as surveys, downlinks, slide orientations and other data-driven activities are performed in a manner of seconds versus minutes with conventional telemetry. Performance limiters associated with logging while drilling (LWD) data density, directional control, well placement and hole cleaning management can be addressed with high frequency and low latency data enabling higher rates of penetration (ROP) to be achieved.  

    By transmitting the same data required to drill a well, simply faster, drilling time can be reduced by multiple days per well. Find out how many days per well Wired Drill Pipe can save with our Time Savings Calculator.   

    Wired Drill Pipe enables the next generation of downhole measurements, such as Along String Measurements and TripStar, which allow other drilling activities such as tripping, hole cleaning, pressure management, and shock and vibration management to be performed faster and more efficiently. Learn how to connect your tools or develop new tools to leverage the capabilities provided by Wired Drill Pipe through our Partner Support and Integration Team.  


  • IntelliServ

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