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    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment Group has made its mark on the well servicing industry by setting the standard for Fracturing Blenders performance and reliability and by advancing the leading edge of oil and gas well fracturing technology.  Our staff understands fracturing operations and the critical role of frac blenders.  With this in mind, we developed  easy to use blender designs that accommodate the demands put on today's well servicing companies.

    Here at NOV we offer custom engineering on every unit so that we can meet your specific needs.  Our blenders are capable of meeting the requirements of a vast array of jobs ranging from low rate gel fracs to high rate slick water jobs without modifications. Our designs focus on maintenance friendly assemblies to help eliminate burden on the blender tender by automating the tasks which normally consume much of his/her attention.

    The NOV Pressure Pumping Equipment Group FRACTRAC and ECAM system has developed a reputation industry wide for accurately proportioning proppant and chemicals during automated blender operations.  The system is designed to support the blender tender and frac operator in getting the job done effectively every time.  This system utilizes robust "oilfield" electronics and customized software to automatically proportion proppant and chemicals based on preprogrammed density and ratio requirements. All of our components are chosen based on their ruggedness and their ability to survive in the oil and gas fields.  All products used in our system are "off the shelf" and available around the world.  In addition, the system software is written by engineers on the staff who understand the nature of oilfield operations.  With the FRACTRAC and ECAM system, our blenders can take your fracturing job to a new level of customer satisfaction.


    660 Offshore Skid

    Rolligon 660 BHP Offshore Skid


    Enerflow Blender

    Enerflow Trailer Mounted Blender               

     100 BPM Truck Mounted Blender

    Rolligon Truck Mounted Blender


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    Fully Automated Blenders
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