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Workover Equipment

Hydraulic Workover units have been an industry staple for over 30 years for performing well workovers that require large diameter workover strings, or operating the workover under high pressures, or both. Commonly called Hydraulic Snubbing units, these units are Hydra Rig NOV's namesake, and we have been building them since 1973. Originally providing the industry with Longstroke units, also known as "cable multiplier" snubbing units, and then Short Stroke "jack " type snubbing units, the most recent addition to Hydra Rig NOV's innovative line of snubbing equipment has been Rig Assist snubbing units, designed to operate in conjunction with conventional workover rigs to provide safe, fast workover operations under pressure. 

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Workover Pressure Control
Workover Pressure Control Equipment is available for your workover applications. We can manufacture a full range of ...
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