• NOV Automation

    NOV Automation

    Fully automated closed-loop drilling


    The future of well construction built on a history of success


    NOV Automation combines controls, drilling systems, and software applications from our eVolve™ Optimization Service and NOV Operating System (NOVOS™) to deliver proven results. From a 42% reduction in spud-to-TD time in the Eagle Ford to an additional 15% of reservoir access in Norway, NOV is setting the standard for automation systems around the world.

    NOV Automation uses a closed-loop downhole drilling system to feed high-speed drilling data into state-of-the-art autonomous rig controls. This optimizes and controls the well construction process for a cost-effective solution on your rigs or in your operations. With NOV Automation, the driller has a real-time tool set they can use to automatically adjust drilling parameters and implement steps of the drilling process without losing focus on other critical responsibilities.

    Spud-to-TD time improved by 43% in Eagle Ford

    Our client needed to significantly improve well economics without sacrificing rigsite safety. NOV improved drilling performance by using an automated drilling control system informed by high-speed downhole dynamics data.
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    Reservoir access extended by an additional 15%

    Our client's structurally complex wells required a complete understanding of the drilling environment. NOV safely increased ROP, gaining additional reservoir access and saving the drilling costs of one well.
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