Agitator™ Systems

With an extensive history of over 70,000 runs, our Agitator™ axial oscillation systems have been chosen time and again by operators around the world. These friction reduction solutions provide unmatched performance and reliability, and have become standard practice for several applications. With an Agitator system in your drillstring, you can drill faster and drill farther.

Agitator System

The Agitator system increases ROP, improves weight transfer, and reduces stick-slip by reducing downhole friction in directional drilling applications. Its axial oscillations also provide significant benefits for wellbore intervention and fishing applications.
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AgitatorHE System

The AgitatorHE (high energy) system provides more efficient energy for greater friction reduction, which can improve ROP, help you drill longer distances, and increase cost efficiency.
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AgitatorPLUS System

The AgitatorPLUS system combines our Agitator tool with a specially-designed low-pressure shock tool to reduce friction and keep the drillstring moving by introducing an axial oscillating motion.
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Agitator Fishing System

The Agitator Fishing System greatly increases the likelihood of retrieving stuck objects where overpull and jarring alone have not been successful.
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Agitator NEO CT Tool

The Agitator NEO CT tool provides axial oscillations along the length of your workstring to reduce downhole friction, improve weight transfer to the BHA, and significantly extend the point of lock up.
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Since 2012, the power section stator elastomer in the Agitator systems have demonstrated 99.9% reliability, globally. According to data from our ITrax incident tracking system, only one stator elastomer incident per 1,000 runs has been reported since 2012. This means the elastomer power section in our drilling Agitator systems is 99.9% reliable.
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In Mexico, the AgitatorPLUS system paired with the FluidHammer achieve 222% increase in ROP, outperforming the previous RSS run.
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In Egypt, the Agitator system and MOCS tool save multiple trips, providing 20% faster ROP and 42% lower cost per foot than best offset, equating to huge cost savings to the customer.
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In West Texas, the Agitator system was run in two wells in a test of drilling performance. In both cases, performance improved. Results: 70% increase in sliding ROP, 50% reduction in drilling time. This equated to $106,000 cost savings potential for the customer.
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AgitatorHE System

Our AgitatorHE system provides more efficient energy for greater friction reduction to help you drill longer distances. Reach the unreachable with the AgitatorHE system and see how it defies limitations and surpasses imitations.

Agitator Systems – Axial vs Lateral

Many friction reduction tools vibrate your drill string laterally, which isn’t very efficient. Our Agitator systems oscillate axially to improve the performance of your operation.

Agitator System Friction Reduction Demonstration Video

Friction limits movement. Axial oscillations from the Agitator system help break friction.

Agitator Systems

The Agitator system reduces friction downhole, improving weight transfer and allowing you to drill farther and drill faster.

Over 70,000 Drilling Agitator System Runs

Our Agitator systems have been proven in over 70,000 runs worldwide. That’s enough to fill the Roman Colosseum.

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