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An engineering company supporting the well intervention and drilling industries, NOV CTES is the leading worldwide provider of advanced coiled tubing monitoring devices, data acquisition systems, and modeling software.


NOV CTES offers:

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Modeling Software for Intervention, Drilling
  • Specialized Monitoring Sensors
  • Advanced Coiled Tubing (CT) Monitoring Devices
  • Modeling Software for Intervention, Drilling
  • Automated Control Systems
  • Engineering Consulting Services


Cerberus™ v11.5 Release Highlights New Linear Fatigue Model

NOV CTES is pleased to announce the release of Cerberus v11.5 modeling software! Highlighted in this release (which includes approximately 40 enhancements) is the new Achilles 5.0 linear fatigue calculation model.

Higher circulating pressures now commonly associated with coiled tubing (CT) field operations make effective pipe management more important than ever. The new linear fatigue calculation approach allows you to:

  • directly compare jobs based on fatigue growth, and
  • more easily predict additional fatigue growth for similar job-types in the future.

Other features and benefits of the Achilles 5.0 linear fatigue model include:

  • Addresses important field operations questions, including: What is the remaining number of jobs that can be performed with this CT string before it reaches the end of its fatigue life?
  • Provides a clearly defined recommended replacement limit from the pipe manufacturer (MRR).
  • Paves the way for more advanced fatigue modeling, including models specific to bias weld fatigue.

NOTE: This release of the Achilles 5.0 linear fatigue model supports a single CT grade; other materials will be added as sufficient fatigue test data becomes available. The Achilles 4.0 non-linear fatigue models will also remain in the software.

For more information concerning the enhancements included in Cerberus v11.5, please contact NOV CTES today: +1 936 777 6200;

Experience Next Generation Wellsite Data Acquisition with the Orion™ V DAS from NOV CTES

NOV CTES is pleased to announce the availability of the Orion V Data Acquisition System – the next generation in the line of NOV CTES Data Acquisition System hardware.

Here are just a few of the features that make the Orion V a leader in the arena of wellsite data acquisition:

  • Easy-to-view onboard diagnostics: Indicator lights visible through the Orion V's front viewing pane allow users to quickly assess the unit's operational status without opening the NEMA 4X enclosure.
    • Both the OrionNET™ data acquisition software and ROVer™ (Remote Orion Viewer) HMI receive and display the Orion V diagnostic messages.     
  • Small footprint. While more powerful, the Orion V has a twenty-five percent reduction in size compared to prior systems.
  • The Orion V Electronic Memory Unit (EMU) is now housed inside the controller and has been expanded to 10 times the previous capacity.
  • The Orion V seamlessly interfaces with the industry's leading modeling software, Cerberus from NOV CTES.

For additional information, or to receive a quote,

contact the NOV CTES Business Development team:
+1 936 777 6200

OrionNET™ v2.0 Data Acquisition Software Now Available

Several customer-requested enhancements have been incorporated into themost-recent release of OrionNETsoftwareversion 2.0

A complete OrionNET v2.0 enhancement list is available here, and a point-by-point comparison document describing the features available in Orion™ v8.0, OrionNET v1.6, and OrionNET v2.0 software is included here.

To learn more about OrionNET v2.0, or to receive a quote, contact the NOV CTES Business Development team today:
Phone: +1 936 777 6200

NOV CTES is pleased to announce its newest offering in slickline fatigue-tracking and fatigue-life calculation technology, the OrionSL LifeSaver™ (LifeSaver) data acquisition system

The LifeSaver acquires, records, and displays slickline operational data, while estimating fatigue along the length of a slickline. The LifeSaver's objectives include:
- helping to avoid costly field failures, and 
- optimizing the slickline replacement schedule 

For more information about the LifeSaver's unique slickline-operation benefits, click here

Now Available from NOV CTES: a unique CT wall-thickness measuring device – the Argus TubeSpec™

The Argus TubeSpec measures wall thickness along the CT string in the field environment by providing:
- continuous, accurate, localized wall-thickness measurements using 12 ultrasonic probes 
- continuous diameter measurements 

For additional information, click here.

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