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Downhole Solutions
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Today's complex drilling programs demand innovative downhole solutions.
National Oilwell Varco services the industry with a complete range of traditional and custom downhole tools for drilling, fishing, well intervention, re-entry and well completion applications. Strategically located around the world, National Oilwell Varco maintains fully outfitted downhole tool supply and service centers manned by experienced technicians. These facilities rent, service, and sell the complete range of National Oilwell Varco downhole tools and can satisfy most downhole requirements on an immediate basis.
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Downhole Motors
As the world's largest independent supplier of drilling motors, NOV Downhole offers the most versatile array of motors avail...
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Drilling Tools
National Oilwell Varco designs and manufactures quality drilling tools for all well applications:...
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Bowen™ Fishing Tools
 National Oilwell Varco has manufactured the world's most dependable and comprehensive family of fishing tools for more than...
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Intervention & Completion Tools
National Oilwell Varco Delivers Performance Driven Well Intervention Equipment....
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NOV Downhole manufactures service equipment that enables customers to conveniently service their downhole tools and equipmen...
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Directional Tools
National Oilwell Varco acquired Russell Sub Surface Systems (RSS) in 1998. National Oilwell Varco's RSS group designs and ma...
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IntelliServ Network
The IntelliServ Network provides a high speed bi-directional telemetry link with MWD, LWD and RSS tools enabling high defini...
Broadband Network
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ReedHycalog™ Drill Bits
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) offers the world's most reliable and comprehensive range of drilling tools and equipment for to...
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Borehole Enlargement
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Borehole Enlargement offers the broadest, most comprehensive range of tools that provide proven...
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Power Sections
NOV is the world's largest supplier of power sections and offers the most diverse portfolio of power section products and se...
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Electronic Instrumentation Tools (eTools)
NOV's electronic instrumentation tools (eTools) are used to monitor and measure downhole conditions. The eTools product line...
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Advanced Drilling Solutions
NOV Downhole’s Advanced Drilling Solutions (ADS) is an integrated service that combines a robust technical process, strong a...
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Managed Pressure Drilling
NOV MPD Solutions, The Better Way to Drill....
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