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For the first time, the same software NOV GrantPrideco engineers use to generate drill string specs will be at your fingertips. The new format drill string specifications provide a holistic approach to rating drill string components. These specs present the torsional and tensile operational envelope for an entire joint of drill pipe.

Traditionally this information was provided separately for the connection and the pipe body. It was left to the end user to correctly determine the limiting factors, leaving room for misinterpretation. Along with being easier to interpret, our performance sheets provide additional information (elevator capacity, slip crushing capacity, and much more).

With the online software you can generate performance sheets for any percentage of pipe body you need. You can base your specs on the percent pipe body you are inspecting to and the combined loading numbers will be provided. The same easy to understand format is presented for all our products (drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars, subs, etc.). Enjoy.

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*Note: The online software does not currently generate graphs, but all information from the graphs is provided in tabular form. Please contact NOV GP if graphs are needed.
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    User agreement below:

    The technical information contained herein, including the product performance sheet and other attached documents, is for reference only and should not be construed as a recommendation. The user is fully responsible for the accuracy and suitability of use of the technical information. NOV Grant Prideco cannot assume responsibility for the results obtained through the use of this material. No expressed or implied warranty is intended. Drill pipe assembly properties are calculated based on uniform OD and wall thickness. No safety factor is applied. The information provided for various inspection classes and for various wear conditions (remaining body wall) is for information only and does not represent or imply acceptable operating limits. It is the responsibility of the customer and the end user to determine the appropriate performance ratings, acceptable use of the product, maintain safe operational practices, and to apply a prudent safety factor suitable for the application. For API connections that have different pin and box ID’s, tool joint ID refers to the pin ID. Per Chapter B, Section 4 VII of the IADC drilling manual, it is recommended that drilling torque should not exceed 80% of MUT.