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NOV IntelliServ: Provo, Utah

Visit us in Provo, Utah
Our ergonomically designed state-of-the-art facility located in Provo, Utah was constructed in 2006. The facility was specifically designed to manufacture networked drillstring components and operates hands-free for maximum employee safety.

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Phone: 713 634 3325

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Partner Support and Integration

NOV IntelliServ now enables partners to develop new tools or adapt existing tools to be measurement enabled and distributed along an IntelliServ drillstring.

The Partner Support and Integratition (PSI) Team will provide project support throughout the entitire Along String Measurement (ASM) tool development process.

For more information:
Email: Michael A. Briscoe
Phone: 801 358 7840

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2014 Tradeshows and Events

IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference & Exhibition

April 8-9
Madrid, Spain

Offshore Technology Conference & Exhibition

May 5-8
Houston, Texas

IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference

September 16-17
Galveston, Texas

SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

October 27-29
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Latest News


 August 2014

 The IntelliServ2 Network has been highlighted in the July/August issue of Drilling Contractor magazine. The article describes how the IntelliServ2 enhancements enable Wired Drillpipe to cost effectively deliver drilling efficiency improvements across all market sectors. Andrew Craig, VP of Business Development for NOV IntelliServ explains “We’re seeing greater adoption of this technology as the industry drives for greater efficiencies due to high offshore rig rates and competitive economics in the onshore sector.” 

July 2014

Wired Drillpipe is currently installed on a land rig in Texas and is being used as part of NOV's drilling automation system to deliver improved drilling performance. Four wells have been drilled so far and the system has enabled well times to be reduced by multiple days per well. More to come soon!

March 2014

"Addressing UBO and MPD Challenges with Wired Drillpipe Telemetry" will be presented at the SPE/IADC Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference in Madrid on April 7th.

February 2014

IntelliServ Wired Drillpipe enters service on a semi-sumbersible rig in the Barents Sea (Norway) for a large international operator.

January 2014

Drilling commenced with IntelliServ Wired Drillpipe and NOV's Drilling Automation system on a Precision Drilling Rig in Texas for a major independent operator.

December 2013

Field test of NOV's Drilling Automation system commenced with IntelliServ Wired Drillpipe in the Eagleford Shale in Texas.