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Discover the people, places, and technologies that shape the oil and gas industry.

NOV Today is a podcast designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the oil and gas industry. Join host Michael Gaines as we explore the technologies and people that innovate our world.

Current Episode

Episode: #2 - Mexico

Guests: Robin MacMillan, Oscar Aguilar, Ruben Tiburcio, Hiram Carranza, Alan Frial, and Adriana Poches

Date: 7/25/17

Show Synopsis
Mexico has undertaken a major shift in the opening up of their Oil and Gas market. Join NOV Today host Michael Gaines as he travels to Mexico to learn more about this vibrant region of the world.

Episode: #1 - Inspirational Leadership

Guests: David Reid

Date: 5/25/17

Show Synopsis
NOV’s Chief Marketing Officer David Reid sits down with host Michael Gaines to discuss NOV’s new podcast series NOV Today, inspirational leadership, and how failure can propel individuals and companies to achieve greater heights of future success.

Episode: #0 - Hello World!

Guests: N/A

Date: 4/7/17

Show Synopsis
NOV Today is – in its simplest and most basic form – a place where we’ll come to discuss the people, ideas, and technology that make up the oil and gas industry.