NOV Rolligon

NOV Rolligon manufactures and services a complete line of technologically advanced equipment for high performance fracturing operations, acid stimulation, CT support and capillary tubing deployment.

Rolligon has focused on constructing high quality equipment that offer simple, easy to maintain and customizable designs for your specific job, giving your company the best opportunity for success.

Contact your local NOV Rolligon representative and join the team that is advancing the leading edge in oil well stimulation products.

NOV Rolligon manufactures and services a complete line of well stimulation products including skid, truck and trailer mounted units designed for high performance fracturing operations worldwide.

The NOV Rolligon Refurbishment Facility also offers everything for your existing equipment, from controls retro-fits to complete unit rebuilds.

Contact your local NOV Rolligon representative for further information on getting the right equipment for groundbreaking results on your next frac job.

Trailer Mounted Frac Pump Units

Cementing is a crucial function performed on nearly all wells around the world.

Capillary Injection units feature a patented powered sheave style injector head for simple, reliable operation.

Manufacturers of a complete line of fluid and acid pumping designs which can be used in CT Service.

Provides engineered refurbishment, prompt responsive service and comprehensive parts coverage.

Cementing Units Capillary Units and Injectors Coiled Tubing Support Pumps Service and Parts
NOV Rolligon also offers a series of Complementary Products
Rolligon 4x4 Model 4450 Body Load Unit

Since 1960 NOV Rolligon, formerly Rolligon Corporation, has designed and developed customized low ground pressure vehicles for operation in areas where no other vehicle can go. Utilizing Rolligon Low Ground Pressure Tires, these vehicles provide superior flotation/reduced environmental impact while carrying heavy loads. Rolligon vehicles can be outfitted with commercial tires for operation in hard ground applications requiring tighter vehicle maneuvering.

Rolligon vehicles can now be found in all corners of the world, from the extreme cold climates of the North Slope and Siberia, to the extreme deserts of the Middle East, and the swamplands of Louisiana.

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Mounted Rolligon Tires