Leading specialty manufacturers and suppliers of pressure control equipment.

Since its founding in 1976, Texas Oil Tools (TOT) has established itself as one of the leading specialty manufacturers and suppliers of pressure control equipment. During this period, TOT has expanded its range of products to meet the dynamic demands of the industry.

proven track record of excellence in design, manufacturing, and service has gained NOV Texas Oil Tools worldwide recognition as a leader in pressure control products. We design and manufacture our products to the most stringent standards. We are licensed API manufacturer and supply our equipment to meet or exceed industry standards.

Our product range begins with 1.50” bore and goes up to 9.00”. In addition, our spectrum of products exhibit working pressures up to 20,000 psi and temperature ranges from -75oF arctic service to 500oF geothermal applications.

ES BOP - Stripper Packer

Two Door Stripper Packer

NOV Texas Oil Tools has enhanced the Over/Under design to have two easy access doors. The new Two Door Stripper packer provides two packers in one Stripper with easy replacement and extended life packers.

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“ES” BOP 3.06”, 4.06”, 5.12”, and 7.06”

This is a lightweight, high pressure coiled tubing BOP package. Features include hydraulic ram change, balanced shear piston, and combi shear-seal and pipe-slip ram capabilities.

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