• Freshwater Management

    Wastewater treatment and recycle systems installed across the U.S. and Canada allow NOV to conserve water.

    Manufacturing and production activities typically require large quantities of water. As water is a natural resource, protecting and preserving freshwater supplies involves understanding supply and demand trends at the local level, assessing potential effects on quality and quantity, and implementing steps to appropriately address the challenges. Environmental site assessments are regularly conducted in an effort to identify potential risks and create actionable items to improve environmental stewardship. We recognize the need to conserve water resources, and have developed and implemented a number of technologies to clean industrial water for reuse. Through process improvements and water management awareness, our use of freshwater is lessened and the volume of generated wastewater is reduced. NOV utilizes wastewater treatment and recycle systems across the US and Canada to conserve water and reduce costs of monitoring and disposal. Implementing automated, self-contained water recycling systems increases efficiency and operations by using automatic controls to adjust pH and oxidizer levels, automatically monitor and backwash filters, and dispense of sludge. These systems produce cleaner water while reducing odor, maintenance costs, and cost of fresh water.

    To maintain compliance with regional and local water specifications and regulations, NOV communicates and cooperates with local officials and agencies regarding storm water and wastewater generation. At many locations, NOV has installed oil-water separators to capture and treat water used in cleaning and manufacturing operations. These systems are specifically designed to treat wastewater to meet or exceed regulatory specifications for release to city or regional water systems. NOV also works closely with wastewater treatment plants by designing specialized pumps to increase plant efficiency as well as pumps for the desalination market.