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40221850-SERIES Pressure Transducer

The NOV M/D Totco "Mud Cup" 40221850-SERIES pressure transducer is designed and built for oilfield applications requiring figure 1502 style connections. Rugged and reliable strain gauge technology is coupled with a new digitally controlled signal conditioner that provides analog-in and analog-out precision and bandwidth along with the extreme flexibility of digital technology. The signal is controlled by anon-board microprocessor that monitors ambient temperatures and provides continuous corrections to gain and offset values as determined by a 699 point table developed during factory calibration. The result is a rock solid device that is extremely linear and accurate throughout its pressure and temperature operating range. The seam welded CRES body assembly contains no o-rings to ensure optimum performance with respect to the harsh conditions in which the device is expected to operate day in and day out. It is designed and manufactured using wiring and connector configurations that ensure interface compatibility with other equipment built to Canadian electrical equipment standards. Repairs and as well as zero offset adjustments can be accomplished in the field if required.



Max. Operating Pressure (capacity)

  • 40221850-002 5000 psi (34.5MPa)
  • 40221850-003 10,000 psi (69 MPa)
  • 40221850-004 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa)


  • 150 % of capacity without damage
  • 300% of capacity without burst rupture
(Caution: Some hammer unions may have a higher maximum operating pressure than the transducer. In this case the sensor governs the maximum operating pressure of the system.)

Sensing Element

  • Full Bridge 5000 ohm strain gauges

Output, Loop Powered

  • Zero: 4 +/- .08 mA, FS: 20 mA
  • Span: 16 +/- .08 mA
  • (Exact outputs listed on calibration certificate)


  • 100% of full range


  • 8-28Vdc

EMI / RFI Protection


  • "Firewall" protection circuit to prevent corruption of output signal from EMI / RFI radiation

Circuit Protection

  • Reversed polarity protection

Calibration Error

  • + / - .25% of full capacity (nominal), including hystersis, repeatability and nonlineraity, based on best straight line fit

Teperature Range

  • -40 to 60ºC operating
  • -43 to 82ºC storage

Temperature Effects

  • + / - .01% of capacity sensitivity shift / ºC
  • + / - .01% capacity zero shift / ºC


  • Male Sub: PH 17-4 CRES
  • Housing and Cap: 316/316L CRES
  • NACE MR0175-94 for H2S Service


  • 6.4 kg

Electrical Connector Options

  • Hardwire through cable gland to internal terminal strip
  • Bayonet style MS 6 Pin (PT02E-10-6P) Connector

Electrical Connectors

  • + Pwr, - Pwr, + R-cal, -R-cal, accessible by removal of o-ring cap, terminated using terminal strip


  • Permanently stamped into sensor housing


  • UL listed for Class l, Div. 1, Groups C,D
  • Certified to the ATEX Directive
  • CE marked to EU EMC Directive
  • UL approved to Canadian Standards