• Background

    From May 10, 2013 through January 23, 2014, a customer was performing offshore operations in Nigeria. For approximately one year, the customer’s compensating coiled tubing lift frame (CCTLF) had been stored in the original shipping crates. They needed a rig up option to meet requirements regarding their immediate upcoming operations. The customer requested that a location inventory, assembly and system integration test (SIT) of the CCTLF were to be performed. With four wells to complete, the operator required specialized offshore motion compensation technicians to successfully rig up and operate the CCTLF throughout the duration of the operations.


    Devin, a part of the Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Business Unit, was selected to provide the needed products and services for this project. Our team was able to obtain visas on short notice and made accommodations for crews to stay in Nigeria for up to 68 days per hitch. Inspection and commissioning documents and emergency procedures were created to ensure safe operations.

    Devin offshore technicians were able to rig up the CCTLF in multiple stages to meet Express Class rig crane capacity of 86,000 lbs and performed a complete SIT in the derrick of the rig. They also operated the CCTLF during the landing of the completion and compensated over well-center, while working in up to 14' heave conditions. Devin products and services provided included: Assembly and SIT, CCTLF inspection, service, procedures, rig up/rig down and operation over well-center.


    • Saved customer significant time and money by eliminating the need to source a CCTLF externally or from another rig
    • Minimized downtime to 30 minutes with over 1,000 hours of operation compensating over well-center during the four well campaign
    • Provided customer with experienced offshore motion compensation specialists and real-time engineering support regarding safe slickline and coiled tubing well intervention operations
    • Provided customer with technicians able to support requirement for services in Nigeria

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