• Our Aftermarket Operations business unit has grown increasingly important over the past several years, with maintenance budgets continuing to take a huge bite out of available capex and drilling contractors and operators hungry for efficiency improvements. To help our customers more cost-effectively maintain their drilling equipment, we've expanded our range of total-cost-of-ownership programs.

    We approached Latshaw Drilling with a way to implement a new program focused on the repair, maintenance, and recertification of their top drives. Noting the critical importance of top drives to the overall success of their drilling rig fleet, Latshaw set their objectives of reducing maintenance costs long term through rig inspections, annuals, and 5-year overhauls, while keeping a consistent balance on internal manpower and ultimately increasing top drive uptime. Latshaw had often previously relied on internal processes and third parties for repair and maintenance, but on the heels of the prolonged downturn needed a more consistent, more cost-effective way of ensuring top drive health and reducing downtime levels. Joey Stockton, Operations Manager for Latshaw Drilling, commented that, "[The new program] provided us a level of consistency that we didn’t have before and needed." Travis Hickey, Maintenance Manager for Latshaw Drilling, similarly noted that, "The whole idea was to have these same techs from NOV out at the rigs, knowing the rigs, knowing the people, knowing the top drives, and just having that consistency over and over and over, which helps everybody in the end.” Additionally, it gives a level of confidence with customers knowing that the top drives have the OEM heavily involved in maintaining performance. Technicians from both companies are constantly communicating with each other.

    The new program helped Latshaw streamline their planning processes, dramatically reducing the burden on Latshaw personnel to coordinate complicated repair logistics. We also provided a consistent supply of field service technicians dedicated to Latshaw operations, meaning Latshaw could always rely on the support of the people who knew the equipment best—and having the OEM coordinate the program gave Latshaw peace of mind. Joey remarked that, "We’ve got consistency with the same group looking at our top drives, and there is a comfort factor knowing that an OEM has eyes on these things." Latshaw was also able to reduce their internal inventory of critical spares based on the new program, further highlighting their efficiency improvements. Travis said, "We’ve been able to reduce our internal inventory investment on top drive critical spares, because the whole value we get is if we’ve got the same guys, the OEM and their techs, knowing these top drives—we know you are going to keep spares on the shelf. We do have some comfort, some ease, knowing that we’ve got this program with you, and you are going to have our parts on the shelf."

    We look forward to continuing this outstanding partnership as we seek other ways to help Latshaw more effectively maintain their drilling equipment.

    Published Date: 2019-02-22
    Source: National Oilwell Varco