• In Q3 2018, NOV's MPowerD™ managed pressure drilling (MPD) group delivered an integrated MPowerD MPD control system on a Cyberbase drilling control system for a deepwater drillship. NOV and the drilling contractor worked together very closely to introduce the system and fully embed MPD into the drilling controls network, and their success makes this the first completely integrated MPD control system installed on an offshore drilling rig.

    Integration of MPD controls into the Cyberbase system will enable a step-change in MPD efficiency and safety of operations for the drilling contractor, and the company can now offer MPD as an integrated service to their clients. Installation and commissioning was completed following successful FAT and system delivery, and the system is now operational. The drilling contractor recently placed an order for a second system, further reinforcing their commitment to a long-term MPD strategy and working in close partnership with our accomplished MPD team.

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    Published Date: 2018-10-29
    Source: National Oilwell Varco