• PDC bits have consistently gained market share in the past decade, overtaking applications where roller-cone bits have traditionally been the bit of choice. This shift has been driven primarily by the rapid advancements in both bit design and PDC cutter manufacturing and leaching technologies, and we continue to lead the way in both areas.

    In our ReedHycalog business unit, we’ve developed several geometries for our line of ION™ cutters, and recently introduced the ION 4D family of shaped cutters. The new line is built upon the proven advantages of earlier ION 2D and 3D cutter designs while also being more suitable for a variety of lithological conditions. In addition to full-scale laboratory testing, field testing continues across North America. Results so far have been extremely positive, with Tektonic™ bits outfitted with ION 4D cutters achieving higher ROP and less bit/cutter damage even while drilling longer intervals in challenging, interbedded formations.

    To learn more about our ION cutter technologies and recent field successes, read our article in the October edition of World Oil here.

    Published Date: 2018-10-19
    Source: National Oilwell Varco