• An ongoing evolution in drill bit technology has been a major driver of increased drilling performance and improved per-well economics, with technological advances in cutter and bit design enabling higher ROP and fewer days per well in a variety of applications. NOV introduced its ION™ application-specific cutter designs to address the need for a more resilient product, one that could handle the demands of the more challenging wells common of North American shale while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

    With the introduction of ION 3D cutter technology, we’re now improving performance across the Williston Basin, driving up both average footage drilled and ROP throughout the region. We’ve maintained market-leading performance in the bits arena through constant innovation, adapting to our customers’ needs and responding to their call for better products with iterative cutter testing. Trials are ongoing for other cutter grades, and we continue to push the envelope on more aggressive, higher-performing drill bit designs.

    To learn more about the history of our drill bit design philosophy and how we’re improving performance through PDC cutter technology and a dedication to our customers’ success, read our feature article in Oilfield Technology.

    Published Date: 2018-07-27
    Source: National Oilwell Varco